Saturday, September 23, 2017

Deadliest landslides at Karnali Highway

In Photos of Bagauney Landslide at Karnali Highway,Kalikot

21st September 2017,
Radauney Khola Landslide on 21st September at morning in Karnali Highway cause hard to passenger travelling from highway. Karnali Highway is one of the very difficult and narrow highway in Nepal.After connectivity of road to Jumla, hundreds of people died because of accident so,why people used to say this highway is the "Highway to Hell". Recently the Landslide at Dahi Kohla and now at radhauney or Kagney Khola killed a bike riders and blocked for a weeks because of massive and big stones on roads. 

Due to heavy rain and continue stone fall at site during the time of Dashain festival so many travelers have no choice to walk and pass from the road at risks where the stone were falling. It is also seen buses and Jeeps owner were charging Rs300/ to Rs.500/ up to Manma it is almost triple price than of regular price.

After continuous two day work by scavator of Road Department,Jumla finally able to clear the road and open for vehicle.It is said the scavator will be kept at sites for a week because landslides at sites ma be at any time wether rain or not.

Radauney Landslides in Photos

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Campign for Flood Relief

We started to collect Donations in Jumla for floods and Landslides affected people from Terai. As the matter of urgency to support foods,water purifier,medicine and clothes to affected people. On first day we collected Rs. 29,875/.

This campaign was organise by Civil Society,Jumla and sports club of Jumla.We would like to thanks Athletes of Karnali Sports Club,Jumla for active participation.

At last we will handover the amount we collected to Chief Distict Officer of Jumla.

Member Seceratory Mr.Soraj Shahi and teams.

Athletetic Legendary Mr.Hari Rokaya and athletes of Karnali sports club.

Crackers (Pataka) explosion at Midnight of Krishnajanmasthami Festival,Jumla

आज छापिएका कार्टुन

आजको नागरिक, अन्नपूर्ण पोस्ट र राजधानीमा छापिएका रविन साय्मि, बासु क्षितिज र उत्तम नेपालका कार्टुन :

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In Photos; Shrawan Purnima celebraed in Thakurgyu Malika,a paradise until unexplore in Jumla

Thakurgyu Temple (4554m asl

Destination     : Thakurgyu Temple

Max elevation : 4554m asl
Type                : Medium
Location          : Meadows of       Kartikswami
Duration          : 3 to10 days from Jumla bazaar
Means             :  Trekking



Shrawan Purnima  is taken as an important festival in Jumla and Karnali. Pilgrimage goes for a day to week walk to Malika for bathing their god and goddess as well as taking Chaapbido to new Dhami (Healer ), chaapbido also called .

Thakurgy temple is located at Jumla district at the border of Jajarkot district.This temple is situated at 4554m height from sea level that dedicated to goddess Bhagawati. The natural view and the deep believe on Thakurgyu Malika make this place popular. 

This place is full of pilgrims during Janai Purnima. This year due to Lunar eclipse less people visited this temple.

Thakurgyu lake
This area is also called home of lakes where we can see religiously important lakes called Bistagyu Daha (4425m),Sankha Daha (4470m),Hudkey Daha,and Thakurgyu lake (4554m) at Thakurgy Temple.The Gidhi Daha is another important lake lies closed to chaudhary Pass.Due to heavy fog I could not able to take photos.  The depth and length of  all lakes are not yet measured.

As this is located in remote area one should totally self managed while trekking to this area.Eating rice, alcohol,meat after Thulo Haka Meadow is restricted because of cultural aspects.
Everyone can get attracted by its meadows,lakes and mountains on its travel. This area is famous for Yarshagumba ,many important herbs and different flowers.Thakurgyu area has numbers of meadows important for farming domestic animals like sheeps,horses and cows. These grassland called Duni ,Chaudhary Vitto,Sano Haka,Thulo Haka and Pansaya Patan(Meadow) and more .
Bistagyu Lake (4425m asl)
 This area is the home of wild animals like Bear,Ghoral,Musk Deer(Kasturi) and many more.
Sheepards Mr.Dalgit Budha from Pere said these years we do not see even a single Kasturi ,Bear because I hope  illegal hunting and trapping of iron wire finish these wild animals.
Sankha Daha (4483m asl)

There are many to be researched and to be done about herbs,flora and fauna,birds and animal in this area.

More in Photos of Thakurgyu Malika during Shrawan

Purnima Festivals Celebration 

pilgrims on the way to Thakurgyu malika at Deaula Deuli.

chaudhary vitto pass

Sheeps grazing at Thulo Haka meadow

Pilgrims offering puja at temple of Bistagyu lake

last and difficult stone trail to Thakurgy temple.

Horses at Dhauligad grassland.

Sheepards,dogs and their sheeps at Sano Haka meadow.

Hudkey Daha

Sano Haka pass

pilgrims walking  alongside of  flowers all the way to Thakurgyu.

first time ever organise a medical camp for pilgrims at Thakurgyu temple 4554m asl by Karnali Sports Club,Jumla.

Dinkini chau,witch mushroom

Cows in the middle of Chenna Lagna Pass.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In pictures ; Gothalo Waterfall....a closest place to hike in Jumla

Destination     : Gothalo Waterfall
Max elevation : 2955m asl
Type                : Easy
Location          : Bata village, Patarasi Rural Muncipality
Duration          : Approx 5/6 hours easy hike from and to Jumla  bazaar                          
Means              : Transportation and Walk

Hike Highlights

  • Hike along sides of river that flows from waterfall. 
  • Explore typical rural Bata village.
  • Probably longest waterfall in Jumla.
  • Meet rural people,children's and watch their lifestyles.
  • Hike through agricultural fields,pine and rhododendron forests.
  • To hear the untold stories of relationship between Snake (Snake appears ones who offer flowers) and Bata village on the way to waterfall.

                   Glimpse of Gothalo Waterfall

Masto on the corner of roof of house

locally fruit called Kyuaeshi

Pitta Mandir

women carrying fire wood from Bata village

small waterfall before Gothalo waterfall

Urthu village and Chauthara bazaar

Typical Jumli house with satellite dish at bata village