Sinja,an important landmark of Khasa Kingdom

An outstanding valley that nestles isolated in the western mountains, Sinja Valley was once and for a long time a capital city of 12th to 14th century powerful western Malla or Khasa kingdom – as per the archaeological evidences found during the excavations. The Khasa kingdom split into twenty-two hundred petty kingdoms after the 14th century, which was later unified as Nepal during late 18th century.

It is Sinja Valley where the present Nepali language originated. Devanagari script from the 13th Century was discovered on the cliffs in and around Dullu, which are probably the earliest inscriptions of Devnagari Lipi found in Nepal.

At Sinja noteworthy loop of monumental stone columns were discovered encircling the remains of the early settlements with a Malla doorway and steps. Underneath the ground earthen pipes were found, that justify the presence of modern water supply techniques in the region. In the caves across Hima River at Sinja ancient votive Buddhist chaityas and cliff insc…

Holi 2074 celebration in Jumla


In Photos Jumla Holi Festival 2018, the colourful festival celebration

Holi, the festival of colours, was celebrated in various parts of the nation including the Jumla valley and hilly regions on Sunday. Revellers, young and old alike, celebrated the festival, also known as Phagu Poornima, by smearing colours on each other’s face and throwing water-filled balloons. The festival will be celebrated in the Tarai region on Monday.

Todays holi special program in Jumla was organised together by Karnali Sports Club,Jumla and monthly magazine Kanjirowa Times.
Here are some photographs of Holi celebration in Jumla:

Remember us for Yarshagumba collection experience to Mt.Khadi

If any one of you would like to trek in Jumla or you are in Jumla , I would like to inform you Mt.Khadi region that lies in Patarasi Rural Municipality could be one of your life time experience because this year we did cave trek(cooking and sleeping in caves) even their was snowing all the time,so you can imagine how safe and finest area this is....
Why this trek? Many unexplored Sacred temples,waterfall and Lakes are on the way.Closest meadows in Nepal where Yarshagumba (latin name cordyceps sinesis) is found.Home of endangered wild animals Musk Deer, Red Panda,Blue Sheeps,Bear,,Himalayan Thar,Serow(Goral),Wild Boar and more.Finest forest of Bamboo , Betula utilis(Bhojpatra), Brown Oak (Kharsu) a himalayan cedar(Deodar) ,Rhododendron alongside of Tila riverPristine river,wide and finest trailUndiscovered stories and deities available in this region.Home of Jumla's highest mountain called Mt.Patarasi,Mt.Khadi,Mt.Bijara and other mountains which are not yet climbed.Highest herbs pr…